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Your wedding hair style is going to be the single most important style you wear.. meaning this needs to be perfect... so being prepared for your bridal hair trial is very important.

a brunette bride with low ponytail

Make sure you come ready with photos of the exact vibe you want for your wedding day, decide if you are hoping for your hair to be up or down, wavy or straight. 

The best place to start looking for inspiration is your hair stylist’s social media, have a look through their Instagram, their Pinterest and their website. Choose images that are similar to your own hair, brunette/blonde, long/short, this will give you a more realistic idea of what you want to achieve.

If you are really struggling to decide then my advice is to stay within your comfort zone. If you never wear your hair up then this is not the time to try it… you need to feel you.

Be true to yourself! Do not be pressured by friends, family or even your stylist to have something you really wont like. 

You must feel beautiful on your wedding day. If you feel it, I can promise you will be it ! 

You must be honest with yourself and your hairstylist. 

Your hairstylist is there for YOU so do not be afraid to say if you are unhappy with what they have done, all they want to do is make you feel your absolute best! Your hair trial can be started again unlike your wedding day. 

Ask your stylist to take photos for you, most will do this without you asking, so that you can sit and admire and decide if you truly LOVE it. 

Honesty is the best policy… never a truer word in these instances. 

a black and white photo of bride having her hair done

Correctly prepping your hair before your trial is a must. I always advise my brides to use a clarifying shampoo the night before their wedding trial, followed by a light conditioner on the ends of the hair only. 

Blow drying your hair using a round brush is the best way to smooth your hair but using any brush will help eliminate frizz, never leave your hair to dry naturally as this will cause your hair to become frizzy and occasionally limp. 

Do not use straighteners or hot tongs as this will make it very difficult to re curl your hair if they need to. 

The old myth of dirty hair is better is completely FALSE, your hair stylist will have the products needed to make your hair the correct texture to style… so those of you who have greasier hair… I’ve just saved you!!

a brunette bride with sleek low bun

To get the best idea of how your hair is going to be on the day it’s a good idea to wear a top the same colour as your dress (or close as possible) and preferably a similar neckline. This will help you to envisage how your hair will look with your dress, this for some is a big deciding factor of the finished style. 

It is also a good idea to bring with you any hair accessories you are hoping to wear and earrings you have chosen, so that you can have a complete idea of the final look. 

I suggest that you schedule your bridal make up trial on the same day as your hair trial, meaning you can see the whole look together... and it'll also be a great way to spend your day!

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