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brunette bride with a midi ponytail

The Day Before The Wedding

• Wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo a light conditioner on ends

• Use a smoothing lotion on mid lengths and ends

• Blow dry your hair using a round brush (especially on the top section) or tip your head upside down to blow-dry!

• DO NOT use straighteners or tongs

• Only tie back your hair if absolutely necessary with a  silk like scrunchie, NOT an elastic hair band


• Everyone must wear a buttoned shirt or vest top

• Ensure there is an appropriate amount of room

• Provide a small table and a chair (preferably a low back chair)

• Ensure those having updos have completely dry hair

• Ensure those having blowdries have clean wet hair

•Bridesmaids must arrive at least 10 minutes before their slot

a bride having her shoe done up by her bridesmaid
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