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Special Occasions: Opening Hours


group for bridesmaids and bride

Oh wow, the wedding day is very nearly here, you’ve planned everything down to a T, the table plan has been altered for the 10th time, the florist knows exactly what shade of pink you like and your dress is everything you could have imagined and more…but sorry there is something we need to talk about, the prepping of your wedding morning! 


This is most probably the first time you’ve done this, so I’ve put together some great tips for you to get the very most out of your morning, allowing you to have all the fun without any stress.

              ROBES/ B UTTON DOWN PJS


These are a great idea, they create a beautiful aesthetic for your wedding photos, and are brilliant for the bridesmaids getting their hair done, meaning they will not have to lift clothing over their heads. 

a bridesmaid putting on the brides shoe




This is something that is very over looked but a great mood setter for the morning prep. Are you a cheesy 90s pop lover with the likes of the spice girls and backstreet boys or do you prefer the more relaxing acoustic sounds of Ed Sheeran and rag ‘n’ Bone man?

It’s a great idea to give this job to one of your bridal prep party, they love to be involved!!



Your make up artist will require as much natural light as possible so clearing an area close to a window is a must, they will also need an area to set up their make up kit too, so think about having a table near by or the top of drawers.

Your hair stylist will need to have a light area to work in and enough room to be able to move freely around a chair, lets not forget that all important access to plug sockets.

A good tip is to scout the room prior to the morning, if you are getting ready in a designated bridal suite they have done most of the thinking for you.

bride and her bridesmaids sitting opening presents
a blonde bride having her buttons done up on her dress



Its so much easier said than done right? But you’ll be thankful you did when you see your photographers photos of your morning.. 

Ask all your bridal party to only bring the essentials and to bring it all in one bag each, arriving in pjs is always a good idea, so why not gift the Bridesmaids their pjs/robes the night before the wedding this will also eliminate items getting lost. 



These are an amazing addition to any couples wedding photo album, and your photographer will be so grateful if you have all your pieces ready, so get those wedding invites, jewellery and perfume together the day before to pass over them… or even better get a bridesmaid to keep hold of it, see they really do come in handy don’t they.

a group of bridesmaids laughing last a phone



 Steam = condensation = frizzy hair

 This is best to be done early on, So assign this job to one of the bridesmaids or MOB/MOG who are

having their hair and makeup done last or even better ask them to do it the night before this will free up some time in the morning too, this will allow any small water marks to dry

(don’t forget the veil too) 

a blonde bride having the finishing touches done to her hair
a bridesmaid with a neat low bun



Usually your hair and makeup artists will provide you with a schedule for your wedding morning, do not be afraid to ask for this from them… its much needed and it’s a great way to create calm in the morning, everyone will know when and where they need to be. 

Your hair stylists will normally ask you roughly what styles your bridal party are wanting so will be able to allocate them a time accordingly. 



I know this sounds ridiculous but you need to allow yourself and bridesmaids time to get dressed, this part you really are not going to want to rush, someone will always miss place their underwear or need taping on in someway… and we have to remember button details!

Your photographer will then be able to get shots of your getting into your dress, you will have that special moment of the Reveal and then….. breathe… your partner awaits you!!!



Guide your bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party in the direction if your bridal hair and makeup stylists Instagram or website for inspiration, this way you’ll know they are able to create the looks you are all wanting and rest easy that they’ll be happy with the result. 

Sending their favourite ideas over to your HMUA prior to the morning is another great shout.

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